Sunday, August 7, 2011

MAC – Day 6

Ok, so today was just SOOOO damn nice out, it was hard to hunker down to some art.
So I decided to offer some photo art, in honour of one of my favourite women, ever – Lucille Ball.
This weekend is the 100th anniversary of Lucy's birthday. She holds such a special place in my heart – I loved her as a child and I still do today. She really paved the way for all funny women to come after her. Sheer comic brilliance, I think.

As much as I love Lucille Ball, I must admit there is another Lucy that holds an even dearer place in my heart. My sweet dog, Lucy. And so, she is today's art. We went to Crab Park this afternoon so Lucy could swim, it was such a beautiful summer day! I love the way Lucy's fur goes all wavy and swirly after she swims. So today, in honour of my beloved human Lucy, my canine Lucy is a redhead too.

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Heidi said...

Hey, that wavy red hair reminds me of a couple of people near and dear to my heart. :)