Saturday, August 20, 2011

MAC – Day 19

Yesterday I had a great run along my beloved Seawall.  
I was very hot by the end of it though, and for the last few kilometres I knew exactly what I wanted to have when I finished: a Popsicle®!
I can't remember the last time I had one, a few years at least, I guess. 
Luckily, there is a semi-convenience store at the end of my street. I looked in the deep freeze and there it was, exactly what I wanted: a Creamsicle®! (Do you remember 'Buried Treasure'? Oh, how I LOVED those!) Anyway, this Creamsicle cost a lot more than the last one I had, but the most shocking thing was unwrapping it to find a fake, NEON-orange monstrosity staring at me! I remember a cool, mellow, creamy-tangerine delight of frozen goodness.  It didn't sway me enough from eating it though... I devoured it whole-heartedly and it did the trick of cooling me down. Although it didn't quite fulfill the nostalgic memory of a favourite childhood treat, it was still pretty, damn good. 

Today, a 5-minute rendering of the (regular) orange Popsicle from childhood memory. 

I painted this with these paints I've had since (gasp!) art school. I don't know what their shelf life is, but they still seem to do the trick!


garnet said...

these are simply beautiful

Jules said...

Mmmmmmm, grape was always my fave

mecreative said...

Thanks Gar! Jules I bet you walked around with a purple tongue in the summer!