Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MAC – Day 16

Firstly, I'll just make a quick mention of the different look to the blog. I have a restless nature so I guess I needed to freshen things up a bit. Onwards...

Even though I live in the city, I love that I can pick wild blackberries right across the street. If there is one thing you can say about BC it's, we have blackberries! No wonder there are so many bears. 

Call me crazy but I love picking them. Sure, I have a few scratches on my arms and I swore a few times after getting pricked by thorns, YEEOUCH!! But for me, there is just something about landing that perfectly ripe, plump berry. Of course, anyone who has picked them knows, the most delectable ones are always about 6 inches from your most outstretched fingers.

Anyway, I had some of these on my cereal this morning. Mmmmmm....

Have you ever really looked at blackberries? Lots of little circular segments all joined together to form one larger sphere, that also happens to be delicious.

Once in the studio, those intrinsic circular patterns came out. These are some detail shots of piece I was playing with on paper. Of course they don't look like blackberries, but they were inspiring. Gotta love nature.

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