Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MAC - Day 30!!!!!

Day 30 is here!
It's been a big challenge this past week being away from home and keeping up with my Make Art Challenge. I wasn't able to update the images whilst I was away but I did manage to make the art, visit with my family, support my brother at Ironman Canada and do a lot of driving!

It was such a great week in the Okanagan. I so enjoyed the time spent with my siblings, we did lots of reminiscing about childhood, which was enhanced by the fact that our family lived in Kelowna in the 60's.
Today I came home to Vancouver and it seems fitting that it coincides with the last day of my Make Art Challenge.

It's always so good to get away and spend time with family. But it also feels good to come home.
Such a beautiful, loving, happy, comforting word.
And the perfect place to end this 30 Day Make Art Challenge.

Tomorrow I will upload all the images from the days I was out of town. 
And thank you so much for following along the last 30 Days with me!

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