Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 2 of MAC!

Day 2 of my Make Art Challenge!
Today I was in the studio again, puttering around with a few pieces.
I started something new but it's just in the beginning phase. I also I reworked a couple wee pieces that have just been hanging around. Very fun and freeing. This Challenge is an exercise of "just doing it". I don't want to be concerned with an outcome, other than showing the proof that, hey, I Made Art today!
I met one of the Danish Storytellers who is part of a group using some space behind the studio. They are converting an old bus to take on the road to, well, tell stories! I hope to find out some more about them and their project.
Here are the 2 little colourful pieces, the top one is painted on some found wood.


Jules said...

Oooooh, love them both. Colours on the bottom are so alive.

Melanie Ellery said...

Thanks Jules! Tell me more about illustration Fridays, how does it work?