Friday, August 12, 2011

MAC – Day 10

I met up with a friend today for lunch and to see some art!
We grabbed a yummy sandwich from La Brasserie food cart
and went to the new Picnurbia space to enjoy it. It was a perfect, sunny, authentic, Vancouver lunch experience, enjoyed with the most excellent company!

After our Picnurbia lunch, we went to see the Shary Boyle exhibit, which I'd been wanting to see for some time. Her work just blows my socks off! Not only is she incredibly prolific, her ca-ra-azzzy imagination stops you in your tracks.
Her porcelain work is breathtaking. Her delicately fragile, detailed work is juxtaposed against the twisted subject matter of childrens' stories gone terribly wrong. Truly original.

Today I was inspired the Yellow Picnic Wave and Shary Boyle.
The Shary Boyle exhibit is at The Contemporary Gallery until August 21st.

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