Friday, August 26, 2011

MAC - Day 25

Oh beautiful, sunny, hot Okanagan! What a perfect place you are to spend some time with my siblings! All but one, :-(
There is nothing like the comfort and easy affection you have for your Brothers and Seeesters. This I know for sure.
Some great, funny, reminiscing today. We lived here, oh so many years ago, and some great colorful stories spilled out.

We went by the old house and a young family came by, back from the beach at the end of the street. When they learned we once lived in the house, they were eager to tell us about how much they love this same neighborhood we were once kids in. That they have CHOSEN to raise their children here, look how great it is. As much as things have changed, I guess they're really much the same. We all want a safe place to raise our kids, to have those great moments with our family, our siblings, so hopefully someday, they can come back to the old neighbourhood and a young couple may tell them how wonderful it is to live there.

Today, a pen doodle with a hint of colour: 3 Seeesters entwined, wined and dined.

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