Sunday, August 28, 2011

MAC - Day 27

Today my brother Rick completed his 4th Ironman Canada race. Such an incredible feat to swim, bike and run those distances for a 4th time. And to make it even sweeter, Rick achieved his goal time and set a PB: just under 12 hours! We are all so proud of him, and thrilled he finished upright and smiling!

While Rick and his friend Dave were off doing other things, you know, like climbing mountain passes on bikes in 34 degree sunshine, we were having breakfast and finding a Shady spot to sit until their return to the transition area.
We had a real diner breakfast at Elite Restaurant on Main Street. This place has been here since the 30s and has a GORGEOUS retro sign. So after scarfing down the eggs Benny, today's MAC captured that sign, whilst sitting under that shady tree, during a little event known as Ironman.

Congratulations, Rick, Dave and all the other Ironman athletes. You are all "Elite" in my books and you are all an inspiration!

Today's MAC, coloured pencil on paper

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