Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MAC – Day 15

A number of conversations I've been engaged in lately have touched on the subject of fear. It's such a involved subject!

All of us – humans and animals alike – have the capacity to experience fear. It's instinctual, it's survival.
Some people will spend much of their life being fearful of something, or, many things. I have fears, most of which feel silly when spoken aloud. They feel petty when weighed against what many people in our world have to be fearful about, like going hungry or living in a safe environment. Or dying. That is real fear, the deepest, core fear for most of us.

As if we humans don't have enough to fear, the media is always ready to stoke up the "fear fire". The headlines scream about gang shootings and (to women!) an attacker on the Seawall. But should we allow them add to our fears?

Next time I read one of their fear-based headlines, I know exactly what I'll remind myself.

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