Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 3 of MAC!

Yay! It finally feels like summer! Of course today I was stuck at my desk for most of the day (doing that other, paying job), so good and bad I suppose.
I did this doodle whilst sitting on our sunny balcony sipping a Corona.... yay for cold beer with lime! I had been admiring my FIRE ENGINE RED! geraniums – which have been enjoying this cooler summer we've been having – I haven't killed them yet!
My doodle doesn't look ANYTHING like geraniums but what the hell – they inspired me and – it's a doodle!

Oh, and the helicopter? Yeah. That. That is the helicopter that was circling my building ENDLESSLY last night before the fireworks. I could almost count the pilot's whiskers. Almost.


Tanya King said...

LOVE it!

Clashe said...


Clashe said...

~Geranium 'doodle' would make a fab embroidery OR fabric print!