Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MAC – Day 9

It's so exciting to hear some of the feedback from those who have been following me along this Make Art Challenge! It gets me super-inspired to hear the things that you like, and well, just that you like these... outputs of my Challenge.

Sometimes when I start to paint I really go in without any tangible plan of what I'm going to do. I may think about colours I'd like to use or a shape or something, but often I just let whatever is going to happen when I show up, just happen.
Today's offering is one of those cases.

Ovals, pods, seeds, spirals, circles, flower buds. These are recurring motifs that inherently emerge in my work when I just let it go.

Coincidence that both my parents are avid (serious) gardeners?
Perhaps not.

BTW, a big thanks to all of you who are following along, it means a lot to me!


Jules said...

Love this one Mel; those are great colours!

BIGsister said...