Friday, September 2, 2011

Carry on... for now

It felt a bit weird to not post anything today so... here it is!
Now, don't hold me for continuing on with the every day thing! Anyone who knows me knows how I dislike committing to things, but let's just see how things unfold.

I had a conversation with one of my studio mates today about feeling unsettled and all over the place with our art. This was coming from her, but man, do I know how that feels!
We both paint very intuitively, most of the time without much plan or firm idea of an end result.

During our conversation I told her how I have recurring themes that come out when I paint intuitively, and one I've really acknowledged lately is the flower thing. The flowers that come out are abstract or motif-like, mainly because they are just out of my head! But I realized I DO need to acknowledge that and perhaps pay it more respect. Maybe that means using some reference. Maybe work on a series. Heck, maybe it's a passing phase!? Whatever it is, I realized I should accept it, respect it, let it come out and paint it, instead of fighting it. In other words, get over the "woman paints flowers" thing!

I puttered in the studio with a few things today but these were a couple of things I was "just playing" with tonight.

Hope you have fun things planned for the long weekend.

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