Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to back art nights!

Last night I went to the opening of Rebecca Chaperon's 'Like A Great Black Fire'.
This 10 canvas suite (polyptych), is striking as a whole, but almost more fascinating when taken in, one by one, for scrutiny.

Chaperon's wonderfully subdued, earthy colour palette is juxtaposed with monochromatic heroine figures whose faces are hidden from us. They appear to be delicate yet formidable. They are innocent, perhaps naive, yet one gets the feeling they may be up to something quite sinister.

The meticulous detail in the rendering left me wondering where one acquires such patience. Geometrically shaped voids and wordless speech bubbles interplay between the figures. Waterfalls, caves, ferrets and swords, whatever is going here leaves me intrigued and frankly, a wee bit frightened. 

Tonight I attended the Opening and Artist talk for the new show by Bratsa Bonifacho at Bau-Xi, Vancouver. I was lucky enough to see Bonifacho's last show there which blew me away. Such a bold force with colour and pattern. His work involves letters, symbols and shapes and really appeals to one's graphic sensibilities. 

The interesting thing about Bonifacho's new show, "In Nucleo", is that this time he's really spelling it out for us. The canvases are big and covered in words, words, words. Headlines, movie quotes, politics, snippets of water cooler chat. It's internet, radio, television, news. It's the commercials in the background and the barrage of constant messaging we are subject to every day. 

He says it's the stuff he thinking about - dynamically executed in bright rainbow hues, in earthy-muted tones and some in 'say-it-like-you-mean-it', black and white. 

Bonifacho says like many artists, he is not a nice person. "... most artists are not beautiful at all".
I didn't find that about him, in fact, quite the opposite. And maybe that's the key.
He has been able to get all of that stuff off his chest, and onto the canvas.

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